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What Would Life Be Like Without Chronic Lyme Disease? 

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Discover Life Without Lyme Disease Using The Targeting Lyme Program

Get More Energy

Clients of the Targeting Lyme Program are experiencing more energy, and reclaiming their lives and enjoying each day. 

Feel Good Every Day

Can you imagine a life when you can get out of bed with a clear mind and feel excitement for your day. What if this happened to you? What could you experience? 

Better Quality of Life

What would it be worth to finally get back to planning your days and your weeks without the fear of having to cancel based on how you were feeling that morning when you woke up?

Meet The Durhams

The Targeting Lyme Company was started in the spirit of truly helping people with Chronic Lyme Disease. Christopher Durham suffered from Chronic Lyme Disease for over 35 years. After seeking help from over 200 doctors he finally stumbled upon something that helped him overcome chronic Lyme and gave him his life back. 

His wife Rebecca Joy has been by Christopher's side along his journey and is passionate about helping people find relief from Lyme Disease. 

Their 3 boys have been a integral part of their business as they are inspired to help others in need as well. 

Real Feedback from Our Clients


For 20+ years I had been dealing with pain. Going to the doctor when it was unbearable just to hear nothing was wrong. All test results would come back normal, however, I did have markers for RA and Lupus and eventually a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia. Prescription medication seemed to do nothing. Not only was I in constant pain but depression was becoming an issue. Everything was hard. I was feeling lost and hardly able to function. Then one day, my parents introduced me to Chris and Rebecca Joy. That day was a life changer! My pain was not ignored and they found the root cause, 23 Lyme infections. I cried, because finally there was a REAL reason for my pain! Before Targeting Lyme I was just trying to make it through each day, but with their help I started living! My personal program was scheduled for a year but I was able to finish in 10 months!! Praise God!! I’m 48 yrs old and living life to the fullest and pain free!! I’m doing things I never thought possible, for me! I feel great, both emotionally and physically, I love life and I’m in a healthy and loving relationship. Life is good! Thank you Targeting Lyme!!! You are like family! Much love, Denise

Today Is Your Day!

The Targeting Lyme Process and Program is the most sought after Lyme Disease Support Company in the Midwest specifically helping people who suffer from chronic Lyme Disease. 

We invite anyone seeking relief to download our free Lyme disease checklist and gain access to a free 30 minute call with us. 

Download your checklist today! 

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