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Clients of the Targeting Lyme Program are experiencing more energy, and reclaiming their lives and enjoying each day. 

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Can you imagine a life when you can get out of bed with a clear mind and feel excitement for your day. What if this happened to you? What could you experience? 

Better Quality of Life

What would it be worth to finally get back to planning your days and your weeks without the fear of having to cancel based on how you were feeling that morning when you woke up?

Meet The Durhams

The Targeting Lyme Company was started in the spirit of truly helping people with Chronic Lyme Disease. Christopher Durham suffered from Chronic Lyme Disease for over 35 years. After seeking help from over 200 doctors he finally stumbled upon something that helped him overcome chronic Lyme and gave him his life back. 

His wife Rebecca Joy has been by Christopher's side along his journey and is passionate about helping people find relief from Lyme Disease. 

Their 3 boys have been a integral part of their business as they are inspired to help others in need as well. 

Real Feedback from Our Clients

Targeting Lyme Success Stories

Teri K. 

My name is Teri. I want you to know that Targeting Lyme literally saved my life in so many ways. I never saw a tick bite, but I believe my Lyme started around 2008, maybe sooner. I started having episodes of body aches, fevers, and fatigue. I always figured it was a virus but why was no one getting sick. There would be days I would have to leave work and would be so sick for a week or so at a time. My fatigue got so bad that working around the house, mowing the yard, and just keeping up at my factory job felt nearly impossible. Family, friends and co-workers were about as frustrated with me as I was with how bad I felt. I developed horrible headaches in which I could hardly hold my head up. Again, I would have to leave work at times. Then my hip hurt so bad I saw Dr.'s and even specialists, to no avail. Nothing showing up on my x-rays and there was nothing in my blood tests either. 

Eventually, I was diagnosed with Lyme in 2010. I modified my diet and tried to get rid of the Lyme through alternative means. I can't tell you all the people who tried their best to help me, bless their hearts. Off and on through the years I would feel better for periods of time but not for long. Years later I developed horrible bouts of vertigo, dizziness and lightheadedness that would never go away. It was so bad it was hard for me to climb the bleachers without assistance at my grandchildren's skating shows and basketball games. I couldn't look down for a very long time and light would bother my eyes. I wore a brimmed hat a lot while shopping and outside to avoid certain lights. I got so paranoid at times, I felt I was crawling out of my own skin. I felt like I was dying and would get emotional, sad, and crabby at the times, but mostly scared. I also started having earaches which I never had before and sometimes rashes and all the while fighting fatigue. It was so frustrating because the Lyme never showed up in any of my blood tests. Thank the Lord we found Targeting Lyme right about the time I was giving up. 

Did I really believe they could help? I was hopeful but very skeptical. We always heard that once you have Lyme you will always have it. But I followed their program and am now Lyme Disease Free! 

Christopher and Rebecca Joy are two of the most caring, loving, generous and beautiful people I know. Their wonderful sons and friend Hannah were all so kind and helpful in assisting me too. What a wonderful place and staff. They had Lyme Disease too and know all too well how awful it is, so their compassion for you is genuinely felt. Thank you so much for my health and life back! I can now climb stairs, push mow my lawn, do housework, and climb the bleachers! Thank you form the bottom of my heart! Love, Teri K. 

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The Targeting Lyme Process and Program is the most sought after Lyme Disease Support Company in the Midwest specifically helping people who suffer from chronic Lyme Disease. 

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