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what would your life be like without chronic lyme Disease?

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Discover Life Without Lyme Disease Using the Targeting Lyme Program

Get More Energy

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Clients of the Targeting Lyme Program are experiencing more energy, are reclaiming their lives and enjoying each day!

Feel Good Every Day

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Can you imagine a life when you can get out of bed with a clear mind and feel excitement for your day?  What if this happened for you?  What could you experience?

Better Quality of Life

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What would it be worth to finally get back to planning your days and your weeks without the fear of having to cancel based on how you were feeling that morning when you woke up? 

Real Feedback from Our Clients


After years of chronic illness (Lyme and co-infections), I have my life back. Conventional western medicine failed me, convincing me I needed counseling / therapy because every test came back normal. 

Then I spent a few years under the care of a chiropractor and functional medical doctor who were affirming and offered the treatments they could. I went through cycle after cycle of feeling better and crashing, feeling  better with another treatment and crashing. This went on and on. 

After so many failed treatments, I was skeptical of Chris and Rebecca Joy as they shared their story, but also at the point of willing to try anything to feel better. Six months later, I am better. I feel confident in making commitments again. I can camp for multiple days and I don't need to recover for a week. I am able to do projects that have been on my list for ages. I am grateful for the Targeting Lyme program and for Chris and Rebecca Joy's  knowledge on Chronic Lyme issues and healing.  -Christiana R.



Chris & Rebecca are truly compassionate about helping others. They take the time to listen to your story & truly get an understanding of your journey. That is hard to come by and it meant the world to me. 

When I turned to Targeting Lyme, I was completely desperate as I have tried a variety of different Lyme protocols throughout the past handful of years. The original journey was a most frustrating process with all the different symptoms and the constant guessing of what was next. I was misdiagnosed multiple times. Half the battle is finding out what you are up against. It took years. 

Then I met Rebecca and Christopher. Knowing what you are going against and having a team that understands is impactful. Christopher can relate to you because he had Lyme for decades undiagnosed as well. Experienced and memories from this devastating disease motivated him to help people like you and I. 

I want others that they should not give up. They should continue to seek answers to their questions. They should be able to get out of bed in the morning and be productive. All the things I use to take for granted were pulled away from me when I contracted Lyme. Targeting Lyme will fight with you to get those things back. It's 100% worth your time and resources to meet with them. -Ben R.



.The Targeting Lyme Program and getting care from Christopher Durham is unconventional but it is good and has brought me healing from having Lyme Disease.  I went from having difficulty getting through a day to complete healing:  normal energy, better sleep, a new life, decreased pain, Lyme symptoms and disease healed, regained normal functioning, and ability to focus.  I highly recommend the Targeting Lyme Program.  Consider the option of living with debilitating health concerns or thriving.  I believe only this system can help.    -Gianna B



I started working with Christopher a year ago.  I have done a lot of things in the past to work with my chronic Lyme Disease.  The technology Christopher has to offer is superior!   My body is literally detoxing layers upon layers of old issues that had caused me to be fatigued, brain foggy, painful, and generally not my best self.  It is challenging for me to remember a time when I last felt good.  Dedication to myself and deep healing has paid off!  My joints are improving, my brain is working at a higher capacity and my memory is starting to come back!  Even my hormones are starting to balance themselves out.  This has been a journey, not a sprint.  My mindset, diet and physical activity changes have been critical, but the healing technology Christopher is working with has taken my healing to the next level!  My family and I will continue to use it for healing and prevention for many years to come.   -Dr. Laura B.



We are truly blessed to find out about Christopher and Rebecca's family journey on Lyme. He is educated, compassionate, and willing to share this experiences and healing options. If you think you have Lyme, this is the place to go to complete your healing process. Thank you for your wonderful service. -Becky Ann



Christopher is highly skilled in this area-he has treated himself because nobody else was able to and now he is paying it forward. I can't recommend him highly enough. His wife Rebecca Joy is also a tremendous support system. -Lily  KJ 



We have watched him go through a long, debilitating journey with this health and it is wonderful to see his amazing restoration back to health. That he now helps others with Chronic Lyme Disease by sharing this story and road to recovery, tells us a lot about his heart. -J.D. Love



"Christopher Durham is very understanding and compassionate about helping others.  His Targeting Lyme Program is best in class and has helped many people I personally know.  Thank you Christopher." -Mitch H.



Meet Christopher Durham

Christopher is the most sought after Certified Resonate Practitioner offering the Targeting Lyme Program specifically helping people who suffer from chronic Lyme Disease.

Christopher is most famous for his gentle and compassionate care for people, which comes from his extended battle with pain, sickness and emotional struggle of no one believing him. 

Breaking past traditional and alternative natural methods to discovering what is widely known as the Targeting Lyme Process.  

Christopher invites anyone seeking relief to download our free Lyme disease checklist and gain access to a free 30 minute call with us. 

Christopher understands that our symptoms and pain are real, it is not just something in your head.  Let him help you reclaim your health now! 

Download your checklist today! 

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