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What Would Life Be Like Without Chronic Lyme Disease? 

Download Our Free Chronic Lyme Disease Checklist & Gain Access To A Free 30 Minute Call With Our Care Team!

What Would Life Be Like Without Chronic Lyme Disease? 

Download Our Free Chronic Lyme Disease Checklist & Gain Access To A Free 30 Minute Call With Our Care Team!

Discover Life Without Lyme Disease Using The Targeting Lyme Program

Get More Energy

Clients of the Targeting Lyme Program are experiencing more energy, and reclaiming their lives and enjoying each day. 

Feel Good Every Day

Can you imagine a life when you can get out of bed with a clear mind and feel excitement for your day. What if this happened to you? What could you experience? 

Better Quality of Life

What would it be worth to finally get back to planning your days and your weeks without the fear of having to cancel based on how you were feeling that morning when you woke up?

Meet The Durhams

The Targeting Lyme Company was started in the spirit of truly helping people with Chronic Lyme Disease. Christopher Durham suffered from Chronic Lyme Disease for over 35 years. After seeking help from over 200 doctors he finally stumbled upon something that helped him overcome chronic Lyme but give him his life back. 

His wife Rebecca Joy has been by Christopher's side along his journey and is passionate about helping people find relief from Lyme Disease. 

Their 3 boys have been a integrate part of their business as they are inspired to help others in need as well. 

Real Feedback from Our Clients

Brook N.

Christopher and Rebecca Joy are truly a blessing. After 10 years of being chronically ill and no doctor being able to figure out what was "wrong with me" the Lord pointed me to this amazing man of God. The Drs. all just kept saying I was fine and needed a psychiatrist. They said it was all in my head. But I knew it wasn't. I knew something was "wrong" with me. 

After hearing about Targeting Lyme I was really skeptical. I thought "what's different about them than all the others?" I finally agreed to go see them and am glad I did. They took the time to get to know and understand my health journey over the last 10 years and how I was feeling. After my first visit with them I finally had answers. In a sense I was overjoyed that I finally had evidence and validation on how I was feeling, yet kind of fearful of the unknown at the same time. 

Christopher and Rebecca Joy were so compassionate as they walked me though the healing process and what to expect. Fast forward 6 months, I am completely Lyme free and feel so much better. Before I was constantly in so much pain, barely sleeping at night and just felt awful 24/7. Now I am completely pain free, sleeping at night and feel physically, mentally and emotionally better. 

I am so thankful for Christopher and Rebecca Joy for helping me get healing I so desperately needed. They are doing amazing work for the Kingdom. Because of their obedience to God, I am finally 100% healed of Lyme. 

Thank you Christopher and Rebecca Joy for everything you have done for me! 

Pastor Kim B.

I had been diagnosed with Lyme disease about 6 years ago and underwent treatment from my medical doctor. About a year and a half ago, I just didn't feel right. I had body aches, I'd get migraine headaches and I began to feel really depressed. I attributed this to the stress of the COVID year and that havoc it had wreaked on so many  lives. 

A friend of mine mentioned the symptoms he was having which were very similar to mine. He told me about the treatment he was undergoing and how much better he was feeling. With the encouragement of my wife, I had an initial consultation and after being tested, it was discovered I had SEVEN different strains of Lyme Disease. 

Chris and Rebecca were amazingly thorough in their explanation and sincere in sharing their heart to help others combat this prevalent disease. Undergoing this treatment was the best thing I have done for myself. 

Now I am completely Lyme free and I would highly recommend Targeting Lyme to anyone suffering the devastating physical and mental effects of Lyme Disease.

Ben R.

Chris & Rebecca are truly compassionate about helping others. They take the time to listen to your story & truly get an understanding of your journey. That is hard to come by and it meant the world to me. 

When I turned to Targeting Lyme, I was completely desperate as I have tried a variety of different Lyme protocols throughout the past handful of years. The original journey was a most frustrating process with all the different symptoms and the constant guessing of what was next. I was misdiagnosed multiple times. Half the battle is finding out what you are up against. It took years. 

Then I met Rebecca and Christopher. Knowing what you are going against and having a team that understands is impactful. Christopher can relate to you because he had Lyme for decades undiagnosed as well. Experience and memories from this devastating disease motivated him to help people like you and I. 

I want others to know they should not give up. They should continue to seek answers to their questions. They should be able to get out of bed in the morning and be productive. All the things I use to take for granted were pulled away from me when I contracted Lyme. Targeting Lyme will fight with you to get those things back. It's 100% worth your time and resources to meet with them.

Today Is Your Day!

The Targeting Lyme Process and Program is the most sought after Lyme Disease Support Company in the Midwest specifically helping people who suffer from chronic Lyme Disease. 

We invite anyone seeking relief to download our free Lyme disease checklist and gain access to a free 30 minute call with us. 

Download your checklist today! 

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