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Real Feedback from Our Clients

Dylan W.

I was first diagnosed with Lyme Disease by a medical doctor when I was 15 years old, was given a strong antibiotic and sent home with little to no information or resolution. The next five years of my life I experienced a strange amalgamation of health complications that progressed slowly enough for me to disregard them and think they were a "normal" part of growing up. It was unbelievably easy to blame your pain and discomfort on everyday stressors that could make sense in the moment. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease again five years later that I decided to do some research of my own and stumbled upon Chris and Rebecca's Targeting Lyme Program. 

I learned through this program that my "Life Difficulties" and pain weren't all in my head, and that all these symptoms weren't unique to me. Throughout my 9-month treatment, I started to notice my Lyme symptoms fade one by one and was astonished by the amount of pain (physical and mental) that I had let become a "normal" part of my life for so long. I am so thankful for Chris and Rebecca for sharing their program with me, teaching me about my health along the way, and being so flexible with my crazy schedule as I was completing my bachelor's degree and working 3 jobs. I am still learning my new "normal" without Lyme and 7 co-infections, but it is a healthy, feel-good life I didn't know I was able to have. 

Tiffani M. 

I spent eight years of my life not knowing why I was constantly sick. While seeking help I came to dead ends everywhere, spending thousands of dollars in the meantime with no results. 

Finally, after meeting the Durham's I found hope! I was skeptical about the protocol working after trying so much previously but it ended up being a life changer for me. I am finally Lyme free. And I feel better than I have in a very long time. The Durham's took very good care of me, making sure that every question and every concern I had was answered. I am very thankful that I found them. 

Tracy B. 

I've told my experience dozens of times. This program absolutely gave me my life back. 

After yet another annual physical where I report to my doctor again of my extreme tiredness, dizziness / head spins, joint pain, brain fog, stabbing pains to name the top few. "Test me for everything" I said, "menopause, diabetes, arthritis." On a whim she said let's test for Lyme disease. 

Bingo, positive! I'm thinking finally all my issues will be fixed. Two weeks on antibiotics-I'll be good to go. 

It was at that time I asked to schedule the follow up blood test to be sure it's gone. Only to be told they don't retest. If symptoms continue they just prescribe more antibiotics and pills to treat side affects of chronic Lyme. 

What, wait, what? 

That is when I began the search to understand that the length of time I've had symptoms meant a long battle of antibiotics and other meds for symptoms. Not an acceptable answer for me. 

Enter into my life Christopher & Rebecca Durham and the BAHS Program. The program works. I have so much to look forward to, symptom free and grateful for all I have learned from this wonderful family who have committed their lives to help others find relief. 

Christina R.

After years of chronic illness (Lyme and co-infections), I have my life back. Conventional western medicine failed me, convincing me I needed counseling / therapy because every test came back normal. 

Then I spent a few years under the care of a chiropractor and functional medical doctor who were affirming and offered the treatments they could. I went through cycle after cycle of feeling better and crashing, feeling  better with another treatment and crashing. This went on and on. 

After so many failed treatments, I was skeptical of Chris and Rebecca Joy as they shared their story, but also at the point of willing to try anything to feel better. Six months later, I am better. I feel confident in making commitments again. I can camp for multiple days and I don't need to recover for a week. I am able to do projects that have been on my list for ages. I am grateful for the Targeting Lyme program and for Chris and Rebecca Joy's  knowledge on Chronic Lyme issues and healing. 

Tara W.

Christopher, you are a gift to our family. Thank you for your passion in healing Lyme Disease. Your services, passion and knowledge healed our daughter completely. She had struggled with Lyme nearly 1/2 her life and we had tried everything on the market. We can't thank you enough. God bless! 

Paster Kim P.

I had been diagnosed with Lyme disease about 6 years ago and underwent treatment from my medical doctor. About a year and a half ago, I just didn't feel right. I had body aches, I'd get migraine headaches and I began to feel really depressed. I attributed this to the stress of the COVID year and that havoc it had wreaked on so many  lives. 

A friend of mine mentioned the symptoms he was having which were very similar to mine. He told me about the treatment he was undergoing and how much better he was feeling. With the encouragement of my wife, I had an initial consultation and after being tested, it was discovered I had SEVEN different strains of Lyme Disease. 

Chris and Rebecca were amazingly thorough in their explanation and sincere in sharing their heart to help others combat this prevalent disease. Undergoing this treatment was the best thing I have done for myself. 

Now I am completely Lyme free and I would highly recommend Targeting Lyme to anyone suffering the devastating physical and mental effects of Lyme Disease. 

Brook N.

Christopher and Rebecca Joy are truly a blessing. After 10 years of being chronically ill and no doctor being able to figure out what was "wrong with me" the Lord pointed me to this amazing man of God. The Drs. all just kept saying I was fine and needed a psychiatrist. They said it was all in my head. But I knew it wasn't. I knew something was "wrong" with me. 

After hearing about Targeting Lyme I was really skeptical. I thought "what's different about them than all the others?" I finally agreed to go see them and am glad I did. They took the time to get to know and understand my health journey over the last 10 years and how I was feeling. After my first visit with them I finally had answers. In a sense I was overjoyed that I finally had evidence and validation on how I was feeling, yet kind of fearful of the unknown at the same time. 

Christopher and Rebecca Joy were so compassionate as they walked me though the healing process and what to expect. Fast forward 6 months, I am completely Lyme free and feel so much better. Before I was constantly in so much pain, barely sleeping at night and just felt awful 24/7. Now I am completely pain free, sleeping at night and feel physically, mentally and emotionally better. 

I am so thankful for Christopher and Rebecca Joy for helping me get healing I so desperately needed. They are doing amazing work for the Kingdom. Because of their obedience to God, I am finally 100% healed of Lyme. 

Thank you Christopher and Rebecca Joy for everything you have done for me! 

Ben R.

Chris & Rebecca are truly compassionate about helping others. They take the time to listen to your story & truly get an understanding of your journey. That is hard to come by and it meant the world to me. 

When I turned to Targeting Lyme, I was completely desperate as I have tried a variety of different Lyme protocols throughout the past handful of years. The original journey was a most frustrating process with all the different symptoms and the constant guessing of what was next. I was misdiagnosed multiple times. Half the battle is finding out what you are up against. It took years. 

Then I met Rebecca and Christopher. Knowing what you are going against and having a team that understands is impactful. Christopher can relate to you because he had Lyme for decades undiagnosed as well. Experience and memories from this devastating disease motivated him to help people like you and I. 

I want others to know they should not give up. They should continue to seek answers to their questions. They should be able to get out of bed in the morning and be productive. All the things I use to take for granted were pulled away from me when I contracted Lyme. Targeting Lyme will fight with you to get those things back. It's 100% worth your time and resources to meet with them. 

The Snyder Family Story

Lyme Disease came into our story when our oldest son was 7 years old. A father/son camping trip, filled with memory making moments, that later brought years of ongoing misery. A silent enemy came into our lives and our story now had a new main character. 

First the fluid in the knee, which lead to a quick round of antibiotics that was promised to fix a simple case of Lyme. Later that summer, my husband had a bullseye show up on his leg which preceded intense pain in his body and all the classic flu symptoms only far worse. Again, easy fix. Take a round of antibiotics and move on with your life. It's just Lyme Disease...

As the years went on, my son developed some mild learning "glitches" that were unexplainable by professionals. He also aquired a new case of Lyme every spring, which was surprising to our family Dr., but he followed the protocol, gave us the antibiotics and everything was suppose to be ok. It wasn't ok. In fact, the nightmare was just beginning. He reached a point at which our very athletic active child could no longer get off the couch. We were sent to the pediatric infectious disease specialist with the promise to get answers and a plan. We were told that something else must be wrong because you can not get Lyme more than once. We left frustrated, confused, and angry. We then turned to nutritional protocols which seemed to give more traction in the right direction. He came to himself and my husband's health also improved. Again, we believed we were fixed and that chapter was behind us. Lyme seemed to be quiet and we moved on. Fast forward to 2015. 

Now our oldest son, now a Jr. in high school, he could not carry on a normal conversation, academics or emotional stability. It was a literal nightmare. Finally, he was tested and was found again to have Lyme active in his blood as well as in the frontal lobe of his brain. He was again treated with a normal protocol of antibiotics and a port was put in to receive daily antibiotics for 6 weeks. After this was complete, he was noticeably better, but not well. We were told that medically, this was the end of the line. Desperate to get more help, we turned to a homeopathic chiropractor. His tests indicated Lyme was still active, and his body was filled with 4 of the bacteria that Lyme creates. We were told he had been headed for the grave if we had not pursued more help. He then took tinctures, which again, we saw hopeful results with. Only to feel hopless again, months later, as depression, brain fog and mental health issues continued to wage war inside of him. 

My husband had ongoing brain fog, tremors, headaches, depression, sleep disruption, body aches etc. 

My oldest daughter, now 17 years old, was experiencing digestive issues with kept her from keeping any food down. Seeing all the digestive doctors and having all the uncomfortable tests, we were told it was all in her head. Daily food intake was a physical and emotional struggle as eating food of any kind created intense pain. Food appeared to be the enemy and how do you live without food? Left with the question, now what do we do? Having less hope in the medical system, but believing that the same medical system as our only options. 

My youngest daughter, at the age of 8, showed up with a tick bite and all the classic signs of Lyme, but having gone through this with our oldest son, we knew what to do. Get the round of antibiotics and then do the nutritional protocol we had learned from before. Again, this quieted the symptoms but did not solve the problem. Several years later, her exhaustion allowed for little in life beyond homeschool and figuring out the new unexplained symptoms of the day. She had reason to see a heart specialist, dermatologist, neurologist, infectious disease specialist, as well as others. All sending us on our way with no answers, no direction, and no hope for a change in her situation. We again turned to tinctures and homeopathic options. This lead to help but not healing. 

I might pause here to say, throughout all the pain and struggle we were not left entirely without hope. We knew our true hope was in Jesus. We knew all the answers we needed and the healing we were seeking would ultimately be found with Him. For years we prayed and asked for direction. We felt confident it would come. He would answer. Just because we don't see the answer doesn't mean it's not coming. It doesn't mean He doesn't hear. People are broken vessels that mean well. They have resources but don't always have the right answer. God was continually gracious, loving, and faithful to us throughout this journey and has taught us much about His care, His love and His trustworthy nature. 

We finally met the Durham Family! 

As you know, they too have an amazing story. Our paths crossed and another option for us was before us. They had a testimony that became their passion. Their response to adversity lead to a destiny that made the road wide for others to find their way to the healing path and that would lead others to overcoming a disease that only promises to take everything you have. We started with a scan for our oldest song, which proved Lyme and it's destructive bacterial co-infection friends were still present and unwanted tenants. Our son convinced my husband to also do a scan, which also showed the same results. The feeling of weariness and frustration of the battle that never seems to end was overshadowed by a new hope and a new way. 

We then proceeded to have our daughters and I myself scanned only to find this disease, that was first introduced to us as "just" Lyme, had becoming not only a little bug hardly seen but now demanded a place in our family table and required physical, emotional, and financial payment upon our lives. Like many, we learned to push through, keep going, stay positive, and understand when people don't understand. But now we had a new weapon to fight our battle. Not only a new weapon but some new warriors that would fight with us for the victory. 

The Snyder family story of Lyme has a new name and new chapter. We are no longer going to be known as the family who has been afflicted with Lyme but will now be known as a family who over came it. We are so grateful for the Durham's! The support and the knowledgeable skills they've aquired to carry out the process that has led to our freedom from this disease. 

All glory to Jesus! The one who leads us to overcoming! 

Dr. Laura B.

I started working with Christopher a year ago.  I have done a lot of things in the past to work with my chronic Lyme Disease.  The technology Christopher has to offer is superior!   My body is literally detoxing layers upon layers of old issues that had caused me to be fatigued, brain foggy, painful, and generally not my best self.  It is challenging for me to remember a time when I last felt good.  Dedication to myself and deep healing has paid off!  My joints are improving, my brain is working at a higher capacity and my memory is starting to come back!  Even my hormones are starting to balance themselves out.  This has been a journey, not a sprint.  My mindset, diet and physical activity changes have been critical, but the healing technology Christopher is working with has taken my healing to the next level!  My family and I will continue to use it for healing and prevention for many years to come.   

Gianna B.

The Targeting Lyme Program and getting care from Christopher Durham is unconventional but it is good and has brought me healing from having Lyme Disease.  I went from having difficulty getting through a day to complete healing:  normal energy, better sleep, a new life, decreased pain, Lyme symptoms and disease healed, regained normal functioning, and ability to focus.  I highly recommend the Targeting Lyme Program.  Consider the option of living with debilitating health concerns or thriving.  I believe only this system can help.   

Becky Ann.

We are truly blessed to find out about Christopher and Rebecca's family journey on Lyme. He is educated, compassionate, and willing to share this experiences and healing options. If you think you have Lyme, this is the place to go to complete your healing process. Thank you for your wonderful service. 

Lily KJ.

Christopher is highly skilled in this area-he has treated himself because nobody else was able to and now he is paying it forward. I can't recommend him highly enough. His wife Rebecca Joy is also a tremendous support system.

J.D Love.

We have watched him go through a long, debilitating journey with his health and it is wonderful to see his amazing restoration back to health. That he now helps others with Chronic Lyme Disease by sharing this story and road to recovery, tells us a lot about his heart. 

Jana K.

Hi, My name is Jana and I want to tell my story. Two years ago I was put in the hospital twice and was diagnosed with vasculitis. I couldn't walk, stay awake, or live everyday life and the doctors could not tell me what was causing this. I was put on 90 mg of Prednisone daily and that in itself was horrible. When they would try to wean me off of it, I would just keep getting the vasculitis back. I was beyond myself. I kept going back to the doctor and they told me the only solution they had was to just keep giving me Prednisone. I had no relief whatsoever so I knew I needed to go elsewhere. My good friend, who had Lyme and had gone to Targeting Lyme told me that some of my other symptoms sounded just like hers. So I made an appointment and came to find out I had ten different co-infections related to Lyme disease! No wonder why I was so sick! So I started the Targeting Lyme program. Well today I am now Lyme free and feel the best I have ever felt in my life! I know if I wouldn’t have done this program I would have been in a nursing home or dead. I thank God everyday for Targeting Lyme!!! Christopher and Rebecca Joy will forever be lifelong friends and I thank them so much for listening to me and actually hearing how I was feeling! God bless you guys and I love you both!! Thank you for giving me my life back and a second chance!!! I could not have done it without you. Here are some photos of what my legs looked like before. It was the most painful thing I have ever gone through in my life! Now I am 100 percent!! 

Constance Z.

After many years of suffering from Lyme and parasites, I have been completely cleared and healed. I feel amazing! I have noticed a huge difference in my energy levels - it doesn’t take “all day” to wake up and I don’t need a nap anymore! I feel cleansed and free internally from the Lyme and parasites, which makes me available to my family and able to do my work. I am deeply grateful to Targeting Lyme for the education and program they introduced me to. Thank you!

Linda R.

I truly believe that things don’t happen to you but for you. I am grateful for the path I have traveled, guided toward true healing with the help of Targeting Lyme. Equally the kind, caring, and gentle support of the Durham family. Christopher, Rebecca Joy, and Nic offered such a loving approach to a very transformative journey and are gifted in what they do. The heavy burden of pain and hopelessness of many years is gone and has given way to new life. I have renewed hope and great gratitude! It has been a wild ride and a true gift to have my life back. 

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